A preliminary total of 4,383 fatal work injuries were recorded in the United States in 2012. Of these 4,383 deaths, 775 worked in the private construction sector and another 708 were identified as contractors, many of whom worked in construction and transportation occupations. We'll never know what type of safety training these workers had, but we do know that training your employees in the appropriate OSHA-related safety topics can save lives. Safe work practices and hazard recognition can be installed in your workforce through safety training. Do your employees have the training they need?

OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Construction Training

OSHA developed the 10 and 30 Hour Outreach courses as a Health and Safety orientation for those engaged in work on a construction site. The OSHA 10 emphasizes hazard recognition while the 30 Hour course teaches participants to recognize, control and prevent hazards. Both classes include a review of the OSHA Focus Four, the most commonly cited construction safety violations, in order to help reduce workplace accidents and fatalities.

HP&P Safety has several instructors who are OSHA Authorized to teach the 10 and 30 Hour Construction Outreach courses. Department of Labor (OSHA) cards will be mailed to all participants after completion of the 10 or 30 Hour Training.
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10 Hour OSHA Construction Outreach Training

30 Hour OSHA Construction Outreach Training

  • Basic Rigging Awareness & Signalman
  • Hazard Specific Training

    Click on each course for a detailed description and to reserve seating.

    The role of the "Competent Person" on a construction site is vital to ensuring safe work practices among your employees and those of subcontractors. As a requirement of the OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926, a Competent Person Must:

    Safety Manager Training

    This course provides the basic tools a safety manager needs to understand the health and safety regulations for his/her company. This course is intended for: Employees who have been given the responsibility of health and safety on a part-time or full-time basis, but have no formal education in health and safety. Someone who is new to safety management Click on the course title for a detailed description and to reserve seating.

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    Starting March 31st, 2012, HP&P Safety will no longer be offering OSHA 10 or 30 Hour training online per OSHA's new outreach training policy

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