The Importance of Business Recovery

Today’s business world relies so heavily on the digitized word that many businesses would cease to function in the face of a catastrophic data disaster. Is your company prepared to handle the possible backlash from a natural or manmade disaster in your area? Imagine the consequences of a fire, flood, chemical spill or power outage that made your business data inaccessible to your employees. A disgruntled employee could wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting workforce simply by downloading a virus or wiping data from an unprotected system. While information technology is a powerful tool for modern businesses, it can also be your most vulnerable asset.

Business continuity and recovery is a methodology that aims to maintain or restore the continuity of your business computer information systems when faced with catastrophic events. A lapse in information availability may result in a lapse in your cash flow that is insurmountable during the recovery process. Every business should prepare for the worst-case scenario whether that is severe weather or a terrorist attack.

Managing your Risk

A hazard and vulnerability assessment of your business is the first step in ensuring that you are able to recover from the worst life can through at you. When normal business operations are impossible, are you able to track and control the procedures that keep your business afloat? Are your people trained to operate under the worst eventualities … and … can you afford to leave all of this to chance?

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