HP&P Safety believes that on-site safety inspections are opportunities for teaching and improvement. Our primary goal is to keep your employees safe. Therefore, the best way to accomplish this goal is the education of both supervisors and employees alike.

Jobs site inspections consist of observing general site conditions, requesting compliance documents and watching task specific work. We can then identify potential risks and communicate this information back to you in a field report with suggested corrective actions.

A job site inspection benefits your company in the following areas:

Site inspections from outside safety professionals bring a fesh view to a familiar scene, and catch details overlooked by people too close to the scene. HP&P provides those outside eyes to discover any unsafe practices at your facility. During inspections, we can recommend workable solutions to correct hazards with little disruption to production and your employees. Regularly scheduled site safety inspections provide your employees with a safer working environment, lessens liability issues from possible workplace accidents, and helps your company maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.

With the help of job site safety inspections, your company can maintain regulatory compliance and save lives.

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