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In the past several years, the Oil and Gas Industry has taken major steps to change the work culture within their industry. Notable changes include guidance to contractors on the development of Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) and a push by the Industry for more quality worker training in both the job skills and worker safety arenas. However, many companies do not understand the benefits of a SEMS or feel they do not have the time or knowledge to implement these changes. This is where an outside consulting firm like HP&P Safety can help.

HP&P Safety offers the technical expertise to help you incorporate a successful SEMS by providing planning, programs and employee safety training. The benefits to your company from implementing these changes can include:

With over 85 years combined experience, our safety technicians offer their expertise in Contingency Planning, Emergency Response, Fire Safety, and both Construction and General Industry Safety. This experience enables HP&P Safety to offer your company services in the following areas:

Please call our office for more information on our services and employee safety training, 303-360-9801.

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